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Presets: 4

The Essential preset pack boasts four of the most used presets used by mr.goodlife in his daily photo editing process.
From a „Base“ preset, which acts as a foundation for your further editing process, over to a subtle „Teal & Orange“ preset, which instantly gives your photos a cinematic look, it sure is the ideal starting point to get your photos to a professional level with only a few editing steps.

SUPREME PRESETS were developed with the aim of being able to use them quickly and easily and to give your own photos a unique look. Each preset has been designed for specific shooting situations where it will work to its full potential.
Because photos differ fundamentally in exposure, color temperature, dynamics, and the subject in general, it may be necessary to adjust the exposure and color temperature of the respective image by using the exposure and color temperature controls after applying a preset. How exactly this works is explained in our video "How to use Presets".
All presets can be installed and used in the Adobe Lightroom Desktop version as well as in the free Mobile Lightroom Photo Editor App (iOS & Android). They work on both regular - JPEG and RAW images.
After purchasing a Preset Pack, you can download it up to two times.
For the installation of the presets in the desktop version of Adobe Lightroom as well as the in the free version App Lightroom Photo Editor, please have a look at the installation video or description after your purchase.
Answers to all other questions can be found in our FAQs


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