For the computer it is the program Adobe Lightroom Classic.
For Android and IOS it is the Lightroom Photo Editor APP available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The desktop version of Lightroom for the computer (Adobe Lightroom Classic) requires a monthly paid subscription to Adobe.
The Lightroom Photo Editor app is free of charge, only requires a registration.

The presets have only been tested on the latest version of Lightroom Classic for the computer and the latest version of the Lightroom Photo Editor App and they work fine. We can't tell if the presets will work with older versions.

Yes, the presets have been tested extensively and work on both Mac and Windows computers.

Yes, the presets have been tested extensively and work on both - IOS and Android.
Please have a look at the installation videos after your purchase - Then you can see immediately how easy it is.

After your purchase the installation instructions are shown immediately. There are also videos that show how to install the presets on your mobile phone.

Yes, the presets work on both, RAW and JPEG photos. Of course, RAW photos are a bit better to edit because of more image information available.

Digital products are excluded from exchange and return.

You will directly see all download links. Please note that you have to download and install every preset individually. Preset by Preset.
There is also a Desktop file, if you want to use the presets on your Computer (ZIP File).

You can download the presets up to two times!

That’s a good thing for now! Each photo is individual and the result of different factors. Exposure, lens etc..
Best recommendation is to try out what happens when you move a slider. So that you start to understand what a preset does.
It makes more fun than you think.

Yes, the presets and the Lightroom app work on the iPad as well as on the smartphone.